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Users of the PartyPoker App can now play at multiple tables at the same time. With a big update in August 2016, PartyPoker introduced the new Multi-Table-Feature for Android and iOS. You can now play at up to for tables on your mobile device. We already tested the new feature and tell you all the details.

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PartyPoker is not the only poker room to offer mobile poker at several tables at a time. Other apps like PokerStars or the apps in the iPoker network (like the Bet365 Poker App) have this feature live quite some time. For PartyPoker, the latest update is still a huge step forwards – just because the ability to play quick is very important in mobile poker. PartyPoker now offers both, fast fold tables (called Fast Forward) and multi tabling. With the new version of the app, no one should get bored anymore while waiting for the next turn. You can now perfectly fit the number of hands per hour to your needs.

How to open multiple tables at a time

You’ve got two options to open a second, third or forth table. The fist one is to tap on the empty table with a “+” on it in the table view. This will open a new table with settings similar to the ones you have chosen for the currently active table. With this quick move you can, for instance, open a second Fast Forward table in the same player pool. If you want to play different poker variants at a time – for example a tournament and a cash table – you can go back to the lobby and chose whatever table you want.

PartyPoker mobile mutitablingNew tables are opened on the left hand side. You can choose to play with a 4 colour deck, but have to switch between the tables manually.

This is how the new multi table feature works

PartyPoker decided to place the multi table feature at the left hand side of the mobile screen. This works fine, at least when you’re right-handed. If you hold the phone in landscape orientation you can switch between the tables with your left thumb without a problem. It’s pretty crucial that this works easily – because you have to switch between tables manually. While other poker apps always switch to the active table automatically, PartyPoker only informs you that your action is required by vibrating and playing a sound. An orange coloured bar indicates how urgently you need to act.

It’s a matter of taste if you like this manual switching or not. PartyPoker’s solution might be a bit too uncomfortable for some of you. But it can also be an advantage. In hectic situations or when you want to see the showdown of an important hand it can be good to have full control. We suggest that you simply give the new feature a try. If you’re not sure if you like the way it’s implemented, we highly recommend you the Iron Poker App. Here you can decide in the settings whether you prefer to have full control or want the app to switch automatically.

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