New edition in January: Why the 888poker Super XL Main Event attracts pros and recreational players

888 poker super xl series 2017Thanks to the major success of the last event in September, 888poker will start the next edition of the 888poker Super XL Series in January. From January 19th to January 31st, the large online tournament series with 63 events takes place. The highlight will be the 888poker Super XL Series Main Event with a guaranteed price pool of $1.500.000, starting on January 29th. As usual there are a wide selection of qualifiers where you can win a ticket to the main event (worth $1050) for just a few dollars or even cents. The satellites are rolling. Every player gets two free tickets. So you better get 888poker now:

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888poker Super XL Series in January 2017 – the facts

Compared to the successful tournament series in September2016, 888poker (download here) has made the Super XL Series in January even more attractive. Instead of a guaranteed price pool of $4,000,000, there will be given at least $5,000,000 to the players. The number of events was increased to 63. In September there were only 40 events. The series starts with the $100,000 Super XL – Opening Event.

Below you find some other interesting events of the upcoming 888poker Super XL series. A complete overview is available via the software or app.

  • Event #2 $15,000 Super XL – Mini Opening Event
  • Event #6 $40,000 Super XL – Octopus
  • Event #8 $100,000 Super XL – Crazy 8
  • Event #18 $250,000 Super XL – Whale
  • Event #22 $15,000 Super XL – Omaha Event
  • Event #28 $350,000 Super XL – High Roller
  • Event #32 $50,000 Super XL – 8-Max

Why the 888poker Super XL main event is so attractive

The main event will start on January 29th with #58. As in September, you will have the chance to win your part of a million dollar price pool by entering with buy-ins of just a few cents. Even freerolls will be available in January. We’ll update you on that once the details are published. The screenshot below shows you how the two step process from freeroll to main event looked back in January 2016.

888poker super xl main event freerollJust two steps from a freeroll to the $1.000.000 poker tournament – that’s the 888poker Super XL Main Event

The Super XL Series Main Event is very attractive for several reasons, as we had already discussed in January 2016. Back then, there was a guaranteed cash prize of $1,000,000. And even weeks before the event took place, there have already been indications that the 888poker Super XL main might make history as the least challenging million dollar tournament of all times. We’re pretty sure that it will be more or less the same in 2017. That’s due to the fact that 888poker’s satellite system enables every poker player to win a ticket worth $1050 for a minimum bet of as low as one cent. Here’s why beginners as well as established poker players can look forward to this tournament.

We’ve had a look at the 888poker lobby two weeks before the great tournament started in January 2016 – and found out that there were more than 260 registrations for the Super XL main event already. However, probably only very few of those people paid the actual buy-in of $1050. Many players had managed to qualify for this mega event by succeeding in the multilevel qualification tournaments with a bet starting at only one cent (We’ve presented 888poker’s satellite system for high roller tournaments to you in detail here).

The chance to make it to a one million dollar tournament by betting only one cent, 10 cents, $1, $5 or $160 is not only highly interesting for recreational players though. Since many inexperienced players make it to the main event through the satellites, the tournament is much easier than e.g. the WSOP main event. This is why the Super XL main event is very interesting for experienced poker players as well, who thereby have a higher chance to win some good prizes.

2015’s winner Andelo “Adza32″ Božic has shown to us that the 888poker satellites actually make it possible to become rich. The player from Bosnia and Herzegovina bought himself into the satellites for $30, succeeded in two tournaments and won the main event in the end. His cash prize: $199,625.

Last but not least, there is quite a big chance to meet some of the pro players at the Super XL Series tables. 888poker ambassador Dominik Nitsche already announced in the past that he will use the series for some extended practicing. “I will be playing on 888 a lot practising and trying out a few new, different things I have been working on,” said the 888 pro. “I just heard there will be another XL series right before Vegas so that’s amazing news as it will give me a chance to get in some big tournaments before playing the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl.”

If you don’t even want to spend one cent on the satellites, you might want to try your luck in the daily 888poker free rolls, where you can win a ticket for the Super XL series without having to make a bet. Every player gets two free tickets for the daily Super XL qualifier. These qualifiers can then get you a ticket worth $160 for one of the direct qualification tournaments. Just download the software here and register. Every player will automatically get two free tickets and the 888poker welcome package worth $88.

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