These Poker Apps offer Fast Fold Poker

They are called Rush Poker or Speed Poker, Snap Poker, Zoom Poker or Fast Forward Poker – different names for the same feature: Fast Fold Poker. In 2015, there is almost no poker room left which hasn’t introduced its own Fast Fold Poker brand. That shouldn’t be surprising. Fast Fold Poker is extremely trendy among new and advanced poker players. Mainly, because it wipes away the boredom out of every poker game. If you play Fast Fold Poker, you are seated at a new table as soon as you fold your hand. You do not have to wait for the other players to finish their hands. You get new cards instantly. If you want to know where you can play Fast Fold Poker, simply take a look at our ranking below. We constantly check all poker apps on the market for a Fast Fold Poker feature. If the app is in the list, it is definitely a Fast Fold Poker App – the Fast Fold games might be called Zoom Poker, Snap Poker, Rush Poker or similar.

The best Fast Fold Poker Apps

Site Bonus Review Visit
1 888 poker app 888 poker app $700 +88 free Review Visit »
2 bwin poker app bwin poker app €100 Review Visit »
3 PokerStars PokerStars $600 +20 free Review Visit »
4 Party Poker App Party Poker App €325 Review Visit »
5 Ladbrokes Poker App Ladbrokes Poker App €1500 Review Visit »
6 Unibet Poker App Unibet Poker App €200 Review Visit »
7 Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker $600 Review Visit »
8 Winner Poker Winner Poker $2000 Review Visit »
9 Betfair Poker App Betfair Poker App €1000 Review Visit »
If you haven’t played Zoom Poker, Rush Poker, Snap Poker or Speed Poker yet, you might ask yourself: What’s the advantage of a Fast Fold Poker App over a normal Cash Game Poker App? Well, as soon as you have folded your hand in a normal poker game, things can get pretty boring. Sure, sometimes it’s fun to watch others compete for the pot. But sometimes it feels just like a waste of time. This is the reason, why most experienced poker players do multi tabling. When sitting in front of a desktop PC or Mac, you can open multiple tables at the same time. If you play mobile poker on an iPad, iPhone, Android-smartphone or tablet, multi tabling isn’t always an option. Only few apps offer it so far. But it’s important not to get bored when playing poker. At least less experienced players might play hands they had better not played, just because they don’t want to wait and watch.

The solution: A Fast Fold Poker App

Adrenaline Rush Fast Fold Poker App

Snap Poker Fast Fold Poker App Adrenaline Rush (Full Tilt) and Snap Poker (888) are two of many mobile Fast Fold Poker Games.

If the App offers Fast Fold Poker, you won’t have much standby time between two hands. And there is another point: Less experienced players are less likely to be caught by a shark. Because, since you change the tables more often, it’s harder for experienced players to chase the weaker ones. About this ranking: reviews all available real money Fast Fold Poker Apps. The best of them make it to the top of our ranking. The quality of the App in general (crashes? lots of mobile features?) influences the ranking in our list. If there’s a Fast Fold Poker client available for mobile, the App will be rated higher.