Tonybet Poker launches first Open Face Chinese Poker App for Android

A logo of tonybet, creator of OFCP AppIn December 2013 litauian Pokerpro Antanas Guoga – better known as Tony G – has launched the first Open Face Chinese Poker Site called “TonyBet Poker”. Now, in 2014, Tonybet Poker has already gone mobile. The Android App of TonyBet Poker already is available in Google Play Store. You can find the Link right on the Tonybet poker page. The iOS version of the App is waiting approval by Apple and should be available in Apples App Store shortly, TonyBet Poker officials told us. We already took a look at the Android App – and had a good time. For two reasons: OFCP is fun. And the App is a pretty good piece of work.

UPDATE JUNE 2014: Meanwhile Tonybet has also launched an Open Face Chinese Poker App for iOS.

A quick guide for all of you who haven’t played OFCP before: Open Face Chinese Poker ist a poker variant that has become more and more famous in the US in 2013. At Open Face Chinese Poker – short: OFCP – every player gets 13 cards in three dealing rounds. The player has to form three sets in front of him – step by step and visible to his opponents: Three cards on top build the front hand. Middle hand und back hand are five cards each. It is important that the back hand is the strongest hand, followed by the middle hand. The front hand has to be the weakest one. If the player fails to follow these rule, he plays foul and the round is lost. As soon as all the cards of the two to four players are lying on the table, the three sets are compared. The goal is, to get the strongest front hand, the strongest middle hand and the strongest back hand.

OFCP Screenshot aus der Tonybet Poker App

This screenshot puts it in a nutshell pretty well: The player at the bottum wins the front hand with his king. The left hand side player wins middle and back hand. The player at the right hand side has the strongest back hand. But his flush is worthless as the two front hand Aces are higher than his middle hand Queen – foul.

A more detailed summary of the OFCP rules can be found at Wikipedia. The guys at have posted video tutorial – see at the end of this post.

Within the OFCP App Tonybet Poker offers Cash Games, Sit&Go, Tournaments and Fast Forward Poker. During our test session, the App did not crash once in a couple of hours. Tonybet Poker Mobile was stable and fluent even on an older first generation Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Maybe the best thing is: If you want to check out OFCP first, you do not need to make a deposit. Tonybet offers Freerolls frequently, allowing you to make yourself confident with the game variant before investing some money in a side bankroll.

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