The new bounty poker games: K.O. Poker vs. Sit & Go Hero

bounty poker appsPokerStars (left) and Party Poker bother offer Bounty Poker in their apps.

Just recently, two of the biggest poker rooms have added another exciting gaming variant to their Poker Apps: Bounty Poker. PokerStars introduced “K.O. Poker”. Party Poker’s variant is called “Sit & Go Hero” (also available at bwin). Both knockout games work pretty similar. At Bounty Poker, a part of the prize money is set as bounty reward, which a player receives after having kicked an opponent out of the game. However, K.O. Poker and Sit & Go Hero have great differences when it comes to the details. We’re having a look at the new bounty-trend and compare the Bounty Poker games offered by Party Poker and PokerStars.

Bounty Poker: New trend or old hat?

Actually, knockout tournaments are old hat for experienced poker players. The principle: Instead of distributing the whole prize money to those players who take the top ranks at the end of a tourney, part of the prize pool is used as bounty. Either, the bounty is placed on one player (e.g. when a celebrity or poker professional takes part in a promotion tournament). Or a (significantly smaller) reward is paid out when any player is kicked out of the game. The bounty is given to the player who wins the all-in. Usually at Bounty Poker, the reward is credited in cash to the player’s account directly.

Play Bounty Poker now

What’s special about the two new Bounty Poker Apps is the fact that both, PokerStars and Party Poker, have discovered Bounty Poker as an exciting gaming variant, which works especially great on a smartphone or tablet. There has been a trend for some time now to always come up with new and more diversified poker games, particularly for mobile devices, which have the main purpose to entertain the players. At first it was Fast Fold Poker (Zoom Poker, Fast Forward, Snap, Speed Hold’em and others). Then the Jackpot Sit & Go tables followed (Twister, Spin & Go and others). And now Bounty Poker seems to be the new trend for Poker Apps.

Comparing the new Knockout Poker Apps

Let’s now have a closer look at the two new mobile Bounty Poker Apps from PokerStars, bwin and Party Poker. What they have in common is the fact that they don’t come along as stand-alone-products, but that they were integrated into already established poker Apps. If you have already installed the Party Poker App, bwin Poker App or PokerStars App on your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad, you can start playing right away. Another thing the gaming variants have in common is that they are both super fast short tournaments. However, that’s pretty much it when it comes to the similarities. So let’s now have a look at each App separately.

How does K.O. Poker work at PokerStars?

PokerStars K.O. Poker is flexible concerning the number of players. You have access to both, Sit & Gos as well as fast mini-tournaments with several tables. Before you get started you can decide whether you want to play Sit & KO or KO tournaments. 30 players and more can take part in the tournaments. Every player puts only a part of their buy-in in the regular tournament prize pool. Half of the money stays with the player as bounty reward. If you then kick a player out of the tournament, his or her bounty will be credited to your account immediately.

PokerStars K.O. Poker

Obviously, compared to regular Texas Hold’em tournaments and Sit & Gos this comes along with some tactical consequences. Generally, the tendency is that the games get more aggressive. If you play aggressively and win several all-ins, you can make profit even if you didn’t make it to the paid ranks of the tournament. However, winners of the tournament and their opponents get less prize money at Knockout Poker tournaments. That’s because a big amount of the prize pool is already being distributed throughout the game.

How does bwin’s and PartyPoker’s Sit & Go Hero work?

At first, bwin’s and PartyPoker’s Sit & Go Hero looks like a normal jackpot sit & go and thus like a single-table tournament in which the prize pool is set randomly before the game starts. This gaming variant wasn’t available in the bwin and Party Poker App until recently. In order to close this gap and to introduce something innovative, the Party Poker network decided to combine the jackpot poker games with a bounty component. Since we’ve already given a detailed description of the App’s functions in our Sit & Go Hero news, we’ll now only concentrate on the differences between Knockout Poker and Sit & Go Hero.

Knockout Poker und Sit & Go Hero – the differences

Type of game:

  • PokerStars Knockout Poker: Fast Sit & Go or tournament with several tables. Both, Play Money and Real Money.
  • Party Poker Spin & Go Hero: Fast Sit & Go with four players. Only Real Money so far.

Determination of the prize pool

  • Knockout Poker: Normal = total of all players’ buy-ins.
  • Spin & Go Hero: Randomly determined – 2x up to 10000x of each individual buy-in.


  • Knockout Poker: A small bounty is placed on each player.
  • Spin & Go Hero: A high bounty is placed on one player.

Bounty’s share of the prize pool:

  • Knockout Poker: In total 50% of the overall prize money.
  • Spin & Go Hero25%of the overall prize money.

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