The Fast Fold Button Problem in Zoom Poker – how PokerStars can make its app much better

PokerStars FastFold Button

Fast Fold and Fold Button share the same spot in the PokerStars App.

We wrote more than once that we like the PokerStars-App very much. However, since the introduction of Zoom Poker, there is one thing annoying us: The hazardous position of the Fast Fold Button. Today has written an open letter to Pokerstars that we are willing to sign.

ZoomPoker and the Fast Fold Button

Poker Stars offers multitabling in its mobile client. And it offers ZoomPoker as well. The combination of both is a liitle bit unlucky at the moment. The problem is: When you are about to fast fold a hand you do not intend to play, and exactly in this moment the App changes the table cause you are on the row at another one, then you might fold a hand you wanted to play. Or, even worse (this happend to us more than once): You hold the nuts, have already paid in the hand, and fold it by error at turn or river.

Best PKR Bonus suggest a redesign

The guys at Best Poker Bonus Code have suggested a redesign to PokerStars. They write: “The solution is so simple: “Move the fast fold button a few pixels up to a less hazardous position. Or build in an optional check-box “are you sure?” that appears in the first two seconds after an automated switching of tables.” They also wrote: “Share this to let PokerStars know” – roger that, here we go.

How about you? Anyone out there facing the same kind of problem with the mobile zoom client? Use the comments and sharing options to let us know.

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