Jackpot Poker – PokerStars’ new free-to-play App

Jackpot Poker iPhoneThe world’s largest poker room PokerStars has released a new free-to-play App for Facebook and mobile devices: Jackpot poker by PokerStars is a typical social gaming App, focusing on occasional players only. We’ve had a detailed look at the App and inform you about all the advantages and disadvantages.

The App’s focus is on Spin & Go, which you’ve known from PokerStars’ regular mobile poker App already. With Spin & Go the price pool gets drawn by lot before the tournament starts. On top of that, Jackpot Poker also offers other gaming variants like cash games, Zoom Poker, tournaments and Sit ‘n’ Go, which you can play against your friends or other real opponents from all other the world.

The Free-to-play App – or the disadvantage of in-app purchases

We’ve already explained to you a couple of times why we don’t really like mere play money Apps. The main problem with every free-to-play App is that you can actually spend money without being able to win any. And PokerStars’ Jackpot Poker isn’t any different. Here, too, the player starts with a small free bankroll of 20.000 chips. However, if you’ve lost all your chips or want to play for chip stacks worth several millions right away, you have to convert real money into play money in order to do so. PokerStars charges up to 8,99 Euros (in this case for 2 million chips) for chip purchases.

Nevertheless, PokerStars’ Jackpot Poker App offers different possibilities that allow you to recharge your balance/chips for free. For example by answering quiz questions or by being given chips for free from time to time. Still, any money that you deposit is gone forever, no matter how good you are. This is why we always recommend for you to use a real money App. They have a play money mode as well where you can recharge your chips for free. The 888 Poker App even offers a free welcome package worth $88 – after that money is gone you can still keep on playing with play money. See below for our list of the best real money poker Apps.

As you can see there are good reasons that speak against free-to-play Apps. Since Jackpot Poker from PokerStars has a great design and its controlling is very innovative, we’ve had a closer look at it nevertheless. Actually, Jackpot Poker is a poker app just the way we like it – except for the fact that it doesn’t offer real money poker.

Getting registered at Jackpot Poker

Since Jackpot Poker is a social play app the registration process works through Facebook only. If you use Jackpot Poker on your desktop, it’ll run directly in your browser as a Facebook App. But you can also download Jackpot Poker on your Android smartphone or iPhone. The App is available in the Google Play Store and iTunes Appstore.

No matter if you’re playing on your PC or Mac or are using the Android or iOS App, the authorization always occurs via Facebook. So all you need is one account in order to poker on all platforms.

This is how Jackpot Poker works on your mobile phone

Let’s now have a look at the actual highlight of PokerStars’ Jackpot Poker App, namely the table design or rather the controlling of the App. At first, the screenshot below shows a table, which is typical for a poker App. However, there is a particular feature hidden at the lower-right edge. This is where you see a white check mark – your check button. Next to it on the right hand side there is a stack of 200 chips. If you drag this stack into the middle of the table with your finger, you’ll bet all the 200 chips. But you can also enlarge the stack by making a wiping movement from the bottom to the top. If you wipe all the way up to the all-in button you obviously bet all your money. But you can also easily set any amount in between with one wiping gesture. After you’ve chosen the amount of chips you then place your bet in the middle via drag and drop. If the situation allows is you can also fold your hand this way – just drag your virtual cards in the middle of the table and you’ll exit the round immediately.

Jackpot Poker Table

The App’s handling is very intuitive and well done. You’ll get used to it really quickly. On top of that the App has pretty animations and great sound effects and music. Jackpot Poker also offers a good reward system – you collect experience points with every hand you play and move up in the levels. Plus, you earn badges for special performances. Though “special” might sound a little exaggerating, since you’ll get an award already if you play with suited connectors.

All this could be a little too much for some “serious” poker players. Still, we found the technique, look and haptics very impressive. If PokerStars offered these features – with less emphasis on arcade – also in their PokerStars App, that would be a big step forward. The video below gives you an even better impression of the Jackpot Poker App.

Jackpot Poker Trailer-Video

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  1. Steve Sullivan 2016-11-14 at 10:18


    I just reuped 11 million in chips and accidently pressed a tourny table, l exited immediately and lost million in chips, check my account or something im nit putting another cent into Jackpot poker until it is reimbursed. Please help me with this not a rip off your app screwed me


    • Hi Steve,

      sorry to hear that you are having problems with Jackpot Poker. As you might not have noticed, the team of poker-apps.net only reviews existing poker apps, we are not operating the games ourselves. We suggest that you contact the PokerStars support, they will be able to help you. If they don’t, simply let us know and we will try to contact them.

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