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partypoker twitch tvBy now, the streaming platform Twitch has become an establishment especially among gamers. Thousands of hours of Counterstrike, League of Legends or Dota2 are being broadcasted every day. In the meantime, also more and more poker players started to like Twitch and have now started to stream their games live on the internet. Following PokerStars and the TV channel PokerCentral, also PartyPoker launched their own channel in October 2016. We’ve had a look at PartyPoker’s new offer and tell you if it’s worth watching.

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Patrick Leonhard, Jackie Glazier and others in the live stream

In PartyPoker’s very first official Twitch stream Patrick Leonard gave an insight into his play. Leonard is an experienced tournament player and so far he has collected more than 2.5 Million dollars in prize money in his career. In the first night, Leonard streamed for more than three hours – and he was very entertaining. The poker professional gave the audience a very detailed insight into his play and he permanently commented on his moves. Why does he play especially aggressively against player A? Why does he believe that player B is on tilt at that moment? Why is his raise exactly the size it is and not higher or lower? Those are things that Leonard explained very detailed and that made watching him absolutely educational.

Hence, the poker room didn’t raise too high expectations when they announced the PartyPoker Twitch channel with great words “Have you ever wanted to get inside the mind of one of the world’s best poker players, listen to their thought processes, figure out how they put opponents on hands, watch them run huge bluffs and make profitable value bets?” The following streams weren’t less interesting. PartyPoker ambassadors like Adam Neal, Beata Jambrik or Jackie Glazier are among the players who could or can still be seen in the Twitch channel. There is also live poker like for example the broadcasting of the Grand Prix Live Final Table.

This is what a typical weekly schedule looks like at PartyPoker:

  • Tuesday Twitch Watch Natalia B in action! Mixed power series events 7pm till late
  • Thumping Thursday IT5PAYDAY is back in action with a mixed power series session
  • Thursday Special – Meet our partypoker ambassodor Jackie Glazier TBC

The PokerStars Twitch channel has already got more than 60000 fans

Even though PartyPoker is the youngest prominent member in the group of Twitch streamers other poker brands had discovered the streaming provider even earlier. With 22000 followers the poker channel PokerCentral is one of the most popular ones. PokerStars even has more than 60000 fans – both have a strongly increasing tendency. At PokerStars, professionals like Chris Moneymaker, Jen Shadhade and Jason Somerville stream their games. Like PartyPoker, PokerStars does not only show online poker on Twitch but they also broadcast live tournaments like most recently the EPT 13 Malta.

Learning from professionals

Those who are seriously interested in improving their poker play are perfectly right at the poker streams on Twitch. You can learn by watching the best and you neither have to risk a cent of your money in a poker game nor do you have to pay a fee. That’s because Twitch is – like Youtube – absolutely free. On top of that, the poker rooms try to keep their Twitch fans happy with some small promotions like for example regular free rolls. When this news was written, PartyPoker advertised a $1000 free roll only for Twitch followers as soon as the 1000th follower subscribed to the channel. You can still make it if you’re fast.

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