PokerStars launches mobile client

[UPDATE]: PokerStars has made the Download of the mobile client far easier. Simply take your mobile device, no matter of Android or iOS, visit the poker room’s mobile website via this link and the right Download-Link will be displayed. Afterwards you can register and login.

android account pokerstars marketingcode

Step by Step: This is how the mobile registration looks on Android devices. You can enter Marketingcode psp17870 under Settings and Tools.

[Original Post]1. Write down the MarketingCode psp17870 – you will need it later on in order to save a 600$ Bonus.

2a. When reading this article on a Desktop- oder Notebook, visit the website, download the software and register. Once registered, you can fetch your mobile device and get started after step 2b or 2c.

2b. iPad- and iPhone-Users register from inside the App: follow this link to the Appstore (UK), or search for Poker Stars mobile poker (other countries).

2c. Android-Users download the .apk here and install the PokerStars apk. Make sure you allow external Content to be installed on your device.

3. Now you can launch and register from within the PokerStars App. Simply create an account.

 Marketingcode psp17870

Type in the Marketing code psp17870 when asked for a scource

4. In the following mask you enter your username, mailadresse and the Marketingcode psp17870, which grants you a 600$ or £400 Bonus later (up to three deposits total, more details here). You can enter the marketing code after setting the “source” to Partner-/Marketing code.

5. Verify your E-Mail-Adress. This is possible from within the App as well: Choose “more” from the menu and scroll down to “verify mail adress”. Enter the code from the mail, PokerStars sent you meanwhile.

6. Well done. You can start with playmoney games now. If you want to make a deposit, you can do so from within the app. Enter STARS600 ($) or STARS400 (UK) when making your deposit.

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6 Responses to “PokerStars launches mobile client”

  1. Wie sieht das denn aus wenn man unterwegs ist, zum Beispiel im Zug? Kann man da gut spielen oder hat man da mit Verbindungsabbrüchen zu kämpfen? Wenn ich beim Zug fahren telefoniere ist alle paar Minuten das Gespräch weg.

    • Bei unseren Tests war die App im 3G-Modus erstaunlich stabil. Kein einziger Verbindungsabbruch in 35 Minuten Bahnfahrt (S-Bahn). Im Fernverkehr, wenn das Netz streckenweise komplett weg ist, kann das natürlich anders aussehen. Im ICE wird aber z.B. meist ein WLAN angeboten


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