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pokerstars duel app
All friends of mobile poker can look forward to a new app release by PokerStars(download here). While PokerStars Duel is not available in most countries around the world yet, it has already left an serious impression among players. We took a closer look at the PokerStars Duel App. Continue reading in ordert to find our what makes the Duel App so special and when it will go live in your country.

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So – what’s so special about the ne PokerStars Duel App? The main differnce to other online poker apps is the fact that Duel by PokerStars is not a real-time game. Whenever it’s your turn, you decide when to react. If you are sitting in a meeting or fell asleep on the sofa you won’t automatically fold your hand due to a time limit. Duel will wait for you until you find the time to make you choices. Then it’s you opponents turn. And, of course, he can take his time to react to you as well. Duel is not so much a game for playing an intense session of poker. It’s a game for a quick break. Still it’s not getting boring, as you play a complete session of 20 hands simultaneously at a time. And if you find out that you opponent is reacting slower than you expected, you can simply open another session of Duel by PokerStars.

The PokerStars Duel App is available on iOS and Android

In Norway – so far the only country PokerStars Duel has been launched – the PokerStars Duel App is available for big both mobile operatings systems, Android and iOS. So far there are no hints that versions for Blackberry and Windows phones will be available too soon.

On Android and iPhone you can choose between play money and real money games. The stakes are low, reflecting that PokerStars Duel is a game for recreational poker. In Norway the maximum bet was $5 – not per game but for a whole session of 20 hands. When all of the hands are finished, the player with the best overall performance is determined and wins the pot. In order to prevent players from folding everything after they’ve won a big pot, finished hands will be hidden until the end.

When will PokerStars Duel go live in my country?

The first feedback from Norwegian players and some poker-pros who were able to test the new PokerStars app, is very promising. If you are keen to play PokerStars Duel by yourself, it is pretty likely that you will be dissappointed. If you’re not living in Norway, you cannot play PokerStars Duel yet. Norway is the only country where the beta version of the app is available. Other players are redirected to the homepage or see the message “Duel by PokerStars is currently unavailable” (see Screenshot below). As soon as the situation changes we will update this page. So please drop by later.

App Duel by pokerstarsThe PokerStars Duel App is only available in Norway so far. Players from other countries are redirected to their local homepage or see this infoscreen with PokerStars ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the meantime, we suggest that your take a look at our PokerStars App Review.

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