Switch Poker accepts Bitcoins as payment option

Switch Poker has become the first well-kown mobile Poker room to accept the virtual currency Bitcoin as a payment option. From now on players can use the innovative P2P currency to deposit and withdraw money to and from their real money account.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is anonymous and allows people to send money directly to another person – without an intermediary party such as a bank. Bitcoin is quiet similar to BitTorrent – but instead of files the virtual bitcoins are transferred directly from one computer to another – in this case directly between Switch Poker and the poker players. The fees per transaction are very low.

With Switch Poker introducing Bitcoins to the world of real money poker, a Skrill (Moneybookers) or Netteller account is no longer needed. US-Players will have looked forward to this. Switch Poker has pointed out that US-Players are still not welcome on their network. But, nevertheless, US-Players who want to play real money poker on their mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and Android will find a way to do so on Switch Poker, now. It has never been a problem for US-Players to play real money poker via VPN/Proxy. Cashing out was the problem for US-Players. With the anonymous Bitcoins this hurdle is much more easy to take.

To create an account at Switch Poker, click here.

If you want to purchase Bitcoins, there are several stock exchanges where you can buy them. Switch Poker recommends the service of bitcoin24/7.

A more detailed guide has been published on the Switch Poker Blog.

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