Trends 2015: PartyPoker App FastForward Edition

PartyPoker App

The PartyPoker App FastForward Edition is gesture controlled.

2015 is about to start – so we thought it’s about time to take a quick look to 2014 and spot the biggest trends – or those that might become ones in 2015. Today we look at the PartyPoker App in the Fastforward Edition. The App was launched for iOS Devices this summer and is only available in the UK and Ireland, Sweden and Austria so far. But its innovative gesture controls might make it to other countries in 2015.

The new PartyPoker App is offered in addition to the wellknown PartyPoker App for iPhone, iPad and Android. The big difference between both Apps is the way they are controlled. In the regular App the user pushes buttons. In the new PartyPoker App he can simply swipe or tap on the touchscreen if he wants to call, raise, fold or check.

The pictures below, taken from the official PartyPoker Blog, show you how it works. If you swipe from the bottom left corner to the middle, you fold your cards. If you swipe from the bottom right corner to the middle, you can call, bet or raise. The amount is defined with a betslider. Or, as an alternative, you can tap on the pot and make a bet related to the actual pot size. A halfsize bet, a three-quarter or a pot-sized wager can be made. If you want to check, you can simply double-tap on the touchscreen – similar to the knocking known from landbased poker tables.

partypoker app

Die Gestensteuerung auf einen Blick (Antippen zum Vergrößern). Quelle:

While other Apps in 2014 still try to bring the experience from a desktopclient, usually controlled with keyboard an/or mouse, to a smartphone or tablet, PartyPoker goes the other way. The took a whole team of user experience specialists to create an app that is both, smooth and intuative to control on a mobile device. The result looks and plays itself pretty good. After a short term of getting used to the new set of controls, the PartyPoker App in the Fastforward Edition is really fun to work with. You only need one hand to play. Which is really comfortable especially in combination with the fast fold client.

We think the swipe-controlled PartyPoker App can be a trendsetter in 2015. Its not a game-changer. But it will make mobile poker a bit more comfortable. So far the App is only available for iOS devices. An html5-Version is planned. This one would run on android devices as well and would also be available in countries that are not supported yet.

Trend potential 2015: 3 of 5 points
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