RedKings moves to Microgaming – Ongame Network on the verge of closing business

redkings microgamingThe poker room RedKings informed its players about leaving Ongame network and moving to Microgaming poker network. The change happened on very short notice: Only one day after the announcement, on 27th September, 2016, all players were transferred to Microgaming. The reason for that might possibly be the impending closure of Ongame Network. Keep on reading to get all background information and for an update on how far that change influenced the RedKings poker app.

Update: the new mobie poker app is already running

When we first published this news on September 26th, we were unsure about the future of the RedKings Poker App. Meanwhile we know that there is a new Microgaming App up and running. Check out our RedKings Poker app review for all the details and more Screenshots.

redkings poker appThe new Redkings Poker App by Microgaming.

Change didn’t come as a surprise for insiders

Under the title “Great news from RedKings” all registered players received an Email on Monday, 26th September, 2016, which announced the move. No matter how surprisingly and short-dated the announcement was made, the less surprising the change itself actually is. Since the beginning of September there had been rumors about Ongame owners closing the network. So far there has neither been an official confirmation nor a precise date. However, the news about RedKings leaving the network fits in perfectly.

RedKings moves to Microgaming – what does that mean for the players?

In its message, the poker room accentuated the advantages the move to Microgaming has for the players. And indeed, there are several points that still make sense from a player’s point of view even when having a closer look.

Microgaming is the bigger network

One argument is the network’s size and therefore also the number of active players. RedKings customers are going to find six times as many players as before. That’s a clear advantage. Recently, it got more and more difficult to find a suiting table in the Ongame network. Whereas Ongame used to belong to the extended circle of market leaders, the network is now placed on rank 15 of the biggest real money poker networks. Ever since NYX sold the network in early 2016, the number of players has been on the decline. Now, RedKings players can finally play at full tables once more.

Fair bonus conditions and 30% rakeback

Likewise beneficial is the fact that RedKings players can choose a new bonus at Microgaming. Even though the account is going to be transferred and the player can use his or her old login data, all transferred poker players are eligible for a new bonus. Also, the regulations for active bonuses are very fair. For those who still have a pending bonus at the time of the transfer the points they have already earned will be converted into cash. Microgaming offers a bonus program itself and a rackeback of up to 30%. Therefore, existing customers do not suffer any disadvantages.

When is RedKings Ongame going to be turned off?

RedKings grants its customers a transition period of more than two weeks in which both, the old download client as well as the new RedKings Microgaing software, are going to be operated. You can use the Ongame download client until 15th October. After that date, RedKings is only going to work at Microgaming. We’ll see whether 15th October is also going to be the last day of Ongame Poker or not.

What do I have to do to switch?

That’s an easy one: Starting 27th September, all you have to do is to log in at RedKings Poker with your regular login data and follow the instructions on your screen.

And what about the RedKings Poker App?

That’s a good question – one that we’ve asked ourselves as well. We’ve asked a representative of EGO, which is the company behind RedKings, about the future of the RedKings Poker App. And, as we already mentioned above, the RedKings App is still available. We were able to play the new RedKings Microgaming app. Check out our full RedKings Review for all the details.

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