Omaha Poker App Overview: Where you can play mobile Omaha Holdem or Hi/Lo

It’s not a secret that online poker is mostly Texas Hold’em. There are only few other poker variants that have still a recognizable fanbase online. Omaha Poker is one of them. If you are looking for a game of Omaha Hold’em or Omaha Hi/Lo, you will most likely find a real money table to join – at least at the bigger operators. If you want to play Omaha Poker mobile, you need to look closer. An Omaha Poker App is still a rare thing in 2014/2015. What luck you found us! We have reviewed all the apps out there and filtered them to one small but pretty Omaha Poker App list.

The best Omaha Poker Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad

Site Bonus Review Visit
1 PokerStars PokerStars $600 +20 free Review Visit »
2 RedKings RedKings €1500 Review Visit »
3 Unibet Poker App Unibet Poker App €200 Review Visit »
4 Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker $600 Review Visit »
You see: The number of real money Omaha Poker Apps is far smaller than the number of real money poker apps in general. But the above ranking is updated regularly. So make sure that you drop by again to see if a new App has joined the Omaha Poker App List.

What you need to know about Omaha Poker rules

As already mentioned, the two most common Omaha variants are Omaha Hold’em and Omaha Hi Lo. We look at Omaha Hold’em first and then look at the differences. The fundamental differenc between Texas and Omaha hold’em is, that instead of two cards each player is dealt four hole cards. The gambling rounds and layout of community cards are identical. There are four betting rounds as well. At showdown, each player has to use exactly two of his hole cards and three of the community cards to build the best possible hand. Unlike Texas hold’em, a player cannot play with five or four of the cards on the board. He cannot play with more or fewer than two hole cards. As there are more cards available, the chances for a really good hand are much bigger in Omaha Poker.

Omaha Hi Lo

A typical Omaha Showdown. (Source: Migg/Wikimedia Commons)

Omaha Hi Lo is played exactly the same way as Omaha Holdem or Omaha High – exept for the showdown, where the player with the best hand and the player with the lowest hand share the pot. To qualify for a low hand, a player needs to have five different numbers. Streets and Flushes do not play a role when the hand is built. So it is possible that a player has the best high hand and the best low hand at a time. A Straight Flush made of five hearts A-2-3-4-5 is a very good low hand, too. Read more about the different Omaha Rules here

If you play with an Omaha Poker Android App or Omaha Poker iPhone App for the first time, make sure you know which variant is played as some apps do not offer both, mobile Omaha Hold’em and mobile Omaha Hi Lo.PokerStars is one App that does – we strongly recommend PokerStars App when you are looking for the maximum variety of mobile Poker Games.