888poker Club: how the new rewards program works

888poker ClubThe second largest poker room of the world, 888poker, relaunches its VIP program in order to attract more recreational players. On March 28th 2016, the new 888poker club will replace the rewards program. The 888poker club means the end of rake-based rewards at 888. But “the vast majority of our players will benefit much more from the new program”, 888 announced. We took a closer look and tell you how the 888poker club works.

The changes in the rewards system were announced in a forum post at 2plus2. The club “will be much easier to understand”, a 888poker representative said. The amount of rake that a player produces when playing real money games will no longer be important to be rewarded with cash prices and goodies. Players can now complete different types of missions to earn points and reach new levels.

What is rakeback?

A quick introduction for those of you who are not familiar with “rake”: If a pot at a real money table grows to a certain size, the poker room deducts a small amount of the pot as a fee. This fee is called rake. In order to reward players for their loyality, many poker rooms give a part of the rake back to players once they reach certain milestones. The more rake a player produces, the higher his reward. For some players this reward was enough to break even with their game and earn money while playing poker. This kind of rakeback will now end at 888poker.

How does the 888poker Club work?

So, what comes next, and how does the new 888poker Club work? We took a look at the new rewards program. We will tell you the most important facts and teach you on how to make the most out of 888 Club.

Collect points, level-up and redeem gold tokens

The new 888poker Club is about collecting points and solving missions. If you play at the real money tables at 888, you will earn points automatically. As soon as you have collected emough points, you will reach a new level and receive so called gold tokens as a reward. These tokes can be traded into cash prizes and goodies. 888 has announced that there will be a special redeem page where you can swap your tokens into whatever you choose.

How do I become a member of 888poker Club?

If you ask yourself what you need to do in order to get started, the answer is simple: nothing. Every player who plays real money poker at 888 after 28th March 2016 will automatically become a member of the club. This way 888 makes sure that you do not miss a single point and get the maximum reward in accordance to the new system. If you haven’t got an account at 888poker yet, you can sign up under the following link:

Click to download and sign up

How to get rewards at 888poker Club

It’s all about gamification at 888poker Club. Every player gets a couple of missions. These missions can be completed while you play. Some missions are for poker, but you will also find missions in the 888casino section or at 888sport. There weren’t any examples yet when we wrote this article. But we would be very surprised if there wouldn’t be the right type of mission for every kind of player.

Every time you complete a challenge, you will get 888poker Club points. While you collect more and more points, you will reach new levels. You will receive gold tokens every time you climb up a level. These gold tokens can be redeemed for prizes. The good thing: You do not loose your status. Once you have reached a new level you will keep it forever.

What prizes can I collect at 888poker Club?

The exact prizes were not yet published when we wrote this article. But a small graphics on the 888poker Club page already gives you an idea of what you can expect. Cash, smartphones and tablets, tournement tickets, clothes and other goodies are likely to make it onto the redeem page. And for every five levels you accomplish, you will be rewarded with a scratch card which offers you the chance to win some decent prizes on top.

Additional tournaments with prize pools of $100.000 ever month

Maybe the most attractive part of the new 888poker Club are the regular freeroll tournaments. Accoring to 888poker more than $100.000 will be given away exclusive to club members every month. The higher your level, the better tournaments you are elible to access. Did we mention that you do not loose a level once you have reached it? That means that you will be rewarded over and over again for achievements you have made in the past.

The 888poker bonus stays as good as it is

A good news for all new players at 888poker: The great welcome bonus hasnt’t changed. If you haven’t got an account at 888poker yet, you can still benefit from the free welcome package worth $88/£20 – no depostit needed.

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