PokerStars makes 10 millionaires in 10 weeks

pokerstars macht millionäreIs it just us or have the last weeks been rather quiet when it comes to poker bonus offers? Anyways, the calm has ended this week. In April, the market leader PokerStars has started a sensational promotion: PokerStars Makes Millionaires – to be exact 10 millionaires within 10 weeks, guaranteed. It doesn’t matter whether you already have an account at PokerStars or not – everyone can participate in this promotion. And the best thing is yet to come: Every player gets at least one chance for free. In our news, we let you know about the different possibilities of becoming a millionaire at PokerStars.

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PokerStars Makes Millionaires: Five ways to get the million

There are five ways of becoming a millionaire at PokerStars: The $1 Million Spin & Go tournaments (starting April 2), the millionaire challenges (starting April 10), the Spring Championship of Online Poker (April 30 until May 23), the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo (April 25 until May 5) and the Sunday Million 11th Anniversary. The latter had already ended at the time of our editorial deadline, which is why we’re leaving out that event. However, you can still participate in all other tournaments and promotions – and with a little luck you can win the big prize. Let’s have a look at the promotion in more detail.

The $1 Million Spin & Gos (April 2 until June 4)

By offering the exclusive $1 Million Spin & Gos PokerStars gives you the chance of becoming a millionaire with buy-ins of $10 or $100. The Spin & Gos, which we introduce in more detail here, are theoretically also available with lower stakes. The variants with at least $10 buy-in are the ones where you can win big. A random generator decides about the prize pool of this super fast Sit N Go with only three players before the game starts.

What’s special about the current promotion is the fact that all players have the chance of playing for the million without having to wager a cent. In April, May and up to June 4, 2017 you can daily take part in free roll tournaments that start 10 minutes after the full hour. In every tournament, the 10 best players win a ticket for a $10 Spin & Go – which is where they get the chance of becoming a millionaire. As mentioned above, every player benefits from at least one free roll ticket. If you already have an account you can get your free roll ticket by using the code SPIN1M. And those who register as new players by using this link, even get two free tickets from PokerStars. In case you’d like to inform yourself a little more about the poker room before registering we recommend you to read our PokerStars App review.

The Millionaire Challenges (April 10 until April 24)

Another way of taking part in PokerStars Makes Millionaires are the Millionaire Challenges. This promotion starts April 10 and lasts two weeks. During that time, every day active players get the chance to qualify for the Millionaire Grand Finale, where on April 24 – you can probably guess what comes now – the lucky winner awaits a first prize of 1 million dollars. If you’d like to participate, you can choose from three easy missions each day. Either you deposit 15 dollars or more or you decide to go for the Soun & Go 2X daily challenge and collect 100 points. Or, as a third option, you register for the Golden Button Challenge, which is about winning with an Ace as starting card and collecting points. Click the following link for more detailed information:

If you master one of the three daily challenges you qualify for the Millionaire Grand Finale Daily Qualifier. This tournament takes place once a day. All players go all-in automatically until a winner is decided. The first three places make it to the finale. In addition to that, the participants gamble for a $10.000 prize pool.

The screenshot below shows you how to make it to the finale in the Millionaire Challenges and how to play for 1.000.000 dollars.

pokerstars millionaires challenges

Live Event: PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo

From April 29 until May 5, 2017 the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo takes place in Monaco. That championship is a live event where at least two tournaments are going to have a million-dollar main prize. And you can take part as well if you participate in the €10 Spin & Go tournaments during the promotion period. If the main prize is hit there, the three players of the Spin & Go gamble for a ticket for the main event (value 5300 Euros), eight nights at a luxury hotel in Monaco + travel expenses.

SCOOP – two online tournaments with first prizes worth millions

Last but not least, from April 30 until May 23 also the Spring Championship of Online Poker (short: SCOOP) is waiting for you. In total, more than 55 Million dollars are distributed during the whole tournament series. What’s already certain is the fact that at least two tournaments are going to have a seven-digit main prize. Typically for online tournaments, also at PokerStars SCOOP you can try your luck with only little input of money in the satellite tournaments. No matter which variant you choose – we’re keeping our fingers crossed for you and hope that one of our readers is going to belong to the winners of PokerStars Makes Millionaires.

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