Poker Tipp Protection Bet

Poker tips: Betting to Protect Your Hand

In limit poker — where players lack the ability to tailor their bet sizes to suit the needs of a particular situation — the question of how to “protect” a… more

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Beim Pokern verlieren

Poker tips: Quitting When You Are Behind

“How are you doing?” It’s a standard greeting at any poker table, and generally the person who asks this question is not inquiring about whether you are feeling happy or… more

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Poker turbo turniere strategie

Poker tips: How to play turbo tournaments and Spin and Go

These over-caffeinated events have become a fixture at most online poker sites. A “turbo” is a poker tournament where the blinds go up extremely fast — usually every five minutes,… more

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How to make money with poker or online poker

Can you make money by playing poker? That’s one questions that is frequently asked on the internet – and the answers are partly outrageous. Since our readers have asked us… more

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Winning Poker Player werden

Poker Tips: Traits of a Winning Poker Player

Regular readers of know that we do not only provide you with the latest mobile poker news, but do also try to help you become a better poker player…. more

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Poker Tips: How to act when caught bluffing

There’s an old poker axiom that says if you never get caught bluffing, then you’re just not bluffing enough. A corollary to that might be if you keep getting caught… more

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Poker Bad Beat Stories

Poker Tips: The truth about bad beat stories

Bad Beat stories, we all know them. When you suffer a bad beat, you want that comfort of hearing another person say: What a horrible beat! That guy was an… more

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Online Poker Myths – which one is true?

Over the years, a number of misconceptions have built up around the game of poker. Many of these misconceptions seem quite plausible, they just “feel” right, and so they get… more

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