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Site Name: Betfair Poker App
Network: iPoker
Bonus: €1000
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Betfair Poker App: iPoker Android Client and iOS App

The British bookmaker Betfair (click here to get directly to the poker room) is one of several poker rooms that belongs to the popular iPoker network, offering real money poker for PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Like Ladbrokes and Winner Poker, also Betfair has launched an iPoker App. We’ve had a close look at Betfair’s offer and the Betfair Poker App. In our test we let you know how to get the best deposit bonus at Betfair Poker. And of course we’ll also have a look at Betfair’s reliability and its terms and conditions. For those of you who have made up their minds already: If you want to get registered and download the App right away, just click on the yellow button:

Follow this link to get to the poker room

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Betfair Poker 6+ HoldemThe brand new 6+ Hold’em is already available in the Betfair poker app

Why playing at Betfair Poker?

Betfair has been on the market for more than 15 years and is one of the biggest gambling companies worldwide. Next to the poker room’s reliability there are a number of reasons for playing at Betfair Poker. One of them would be the popular iPoker software, which is very convincing in both – the mobile and desktop version. With innovative games like Twister and SixPlus Hold’em Betfair Poker offers a great variety. On top of that you have the chance to play at up to 16 tables simultaneously. You can make deposits and withdrawals via Neteller, Skrill or bank transfer. And all the important functions are also available in the mobile App.

In our review we inform you about the App’s advantages and disadvantages. By using our quick-navigation above you can move forward to the chapters that you’re most interested in directly. We recommend you have a first look at the software while reading our test. This way you can get familiar with the presented functions right away. Thus, we now get started with the first step: the registration and download process.

Getting registered at Betfair Poker

It doesn’t matter if you want to play poker on your PC, Mac, Laptop, smartphone or tablet. The registration process at Betfair Poker is always the same. Just follow this link to get to the website and sign up. When it comes to the download process, there are some small differences though, which is why we’ve prepared step-by-step guides for desktop, Android and iOS.

Downloading Betfair Poker for PC and Mac

betfair poker bonus

Registration and download at Betfair mobile Poker

If you want to play poker with your Android phone or iPad and iPhone, Betfair Poker offers you all imaginable chances to do so. The way to getting the App is always the same: Simply follow this link to betfair. There you can get registered or – if you have an account at Betfair already – start the poker App directly with only one fingertip. In contrast to many of its competitors Betfair also offers the iOS App via iTunes.

Thanks to the Betfair App’s html5-version you can play directly in your smartphone’s or tablet’s mobile browser. In case you prefer native Apps, you can also download the apk for Android or the iOS version from the iTunes Appstore. However, the Betfair apk and iOS App are based on the html5 version as well, which is why it doesn’t really make a difference which variant you’re going for. This is how it works step-by-step:

Betfair Poker App for Android

This is how you can download the apk for Android on your smartphone or tablet:

The Betfair Poker App for iOS

Follow these simple steps to get the Betfair Poker App for iPhone and iPad:

Is Betfair Poker reliable? Our Betfair experiences

In case you’re wondering whether Betfair Poker is a reliable provider or not, we can give you an all-clear. Next to the UK, where the British gambling commission issued a license for Betfair Poker, it also holds licenses for other European states like e.g. for the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and also Malta, where Betfair is currently operated from for most european countries. Other indicators for Betfair’s reliability: The website gives explicit information concerning the poker room’s license, its operator and player protection.

Betfair Poker experiences – consistently positive

One important aspect when judging Betfair Poker’s reliability is, of course, also the players’ experience. What kinds of experiences do poker players share online? Are there quite a few indications for fraud? Or are the players convinced by the poker room’s customer service and the gaming experience? Here, we can raise your expectations again. The Betfair experiences that poker players share in poker communities are throughout positive. This also corresponds with the impression we got while doing our detailed test. Deposits and withdrawals work absolutely trouble free. And the customer service always reacts quickly and competently. From our experience with Betfair there is no indication for fraud. Betfair is reliable.

The Betfair Poker App review

SLet’s now have a look at the software and start with the popular Betfair Poker App. If you’re more interested in the Betfair desktop software, you can jump to the next chapter by clicking here.

iPoker mobile – recently greatly improved

We’ve already mentioned that Betfair Poker belongs to iPoker, the poker network of Playtech, a large software provider. For a long time, iPoker hadn’t been to able win any beauty awards. Just like the other poker Apps from the iPoker network, also Betfair had its troubles in scoring against other competitors. That’s because other poker rooms had a significantly larger range of gaming varieties – like for example PokerStars. And other poker rooms used to put visibly more effort into creating an appealing mobile poker App – like e.g. Pkr and Unibet. Gladly, this has changed. After several updates and extensions in 2015 and 2016, the iPoker software is now one of the best real money poker Apps on the market.

Many tables – but less tough competitors

But it’s not only the improved software that makes the iPoker network so popular. Also the framework conditions are just right. Except for PokerStars and 888 there is no other poker network that has more active players and more tables. One reason for that is the competitors’ level, which is known to be less challenging than at PokerStars or Full Tilt.

This is where you get started: The lobby

After you started the App – and after a relatively long waiting time – you’ll first see the quick-launch page. There you’ll find a recommendation of Fast Fold tables (Speed Cash – green lightning), Cash Games (blue Euro symbol) and Jackpot tournaments (Twister, red trophy). You can also change the quick-launch view by adding other tables to your favourites. But let’s first click on “lobby” to see the whole range of games the App has to offer.

Betfair Poker AndroidThe quick start page in your Betfair poker app.

Game variants at Betfair mobile Poker

Next to classic No Limit Holdem Cashgames the also offers Speed Cash, the fast fold client of the iPoker network. There, you automatically swap the tables after you folded your hand. Especially when playing on your mobile phone, this brings a lot more action to the game.

On top of that, the App offers the gaming mode Twister – the iPoker network’s jackpot tournaments. At those very short Sit & Go tournaments with three players the random generator defines a price pool before the first hand is played. If the fortune wheel stops at the right spot, you can win up to the thousand fold of your buy-in. That means: Three players could for instance buy themselves into the smallest Twister tournament with one Euro. If the fortune wheel hits the jackpot, they will play for 1000 Euros, even though the total buy-in was only 3 Euros. Obviously, it’s more often the case that you play for 2, 4 or 6 Euros. But the additional thrill has made Twister poker very popular.

For those who rather play more classic games the iPoker network now also offers regular Sit & Go tables. And also tournament players will be pleased, since almost the whole iPoker tournament range is available in the App. No matter if you want to play free roll, satellite or high roller tournaments with buy-ins of 200 Euros – there is a suiting tournament for every player type in the App. There is only one limitation to this: The App only offers Texas Hold’em and No Limit tournaments.

Brand new in 2016 – and as we think also especially thrilling – is the game mode Six Plus Hold’em. It was not before February 2016 that iPoker has begun to offer this action loaded poker variant, which was adapted from Macao. And it’s also available in the Betfair Poker App. At Six Plus Hold’em, players only play with cards of six and higher – and thus without the cards 2, 3, 4 and 5. Though it may not sound exceptionally sensational, it actually has a huge impact on the game. Not only are there significantly more starting hands that are good enough to play with (just because there are less variants with bad cards). But also the probabilities change and therefore the rules change as well.

Betfair Poker AppSix Plus Hold’em is a new poker variant with new rules

For instance, a triplet is worth more than a street at 6 Plus Hold’em. And a flush beats a full house. Therefore, we really recommend you have a look at the rules before playing Six Plus Hold’em in the Betfair App. But as soon as you’re familiar with the rules we guarantee you lots of fun and action. The new gaming mode is a real enrichment for Betfair Poker and a unique feature that is currently only offered by iPoker Apps.

Nevertheless, even in 2017 the range is not complete yet. We’ve been missing gaming variants like Omaha or Pot Limit – those are currently only available at Sit & Gos and not at tournaments and cash tables. In addition, the number of players at one table is restricted to a maximum of six. Full ring tables with nine or even ten players would really improve the App. Still, we have to acknowledge: iPoker – and thus also Betfair – has really improved the App recently and they currently have one of the best offers on the market.

Game play and handling – this is how the Betfair App works on Android and iPhone

Technologically, the Betfair Poker App has arrived at a very mature stage in the meantime. Whereas at first there had been loading problems and crashes, we couldn’t detect any problems concerning the App’s performance and stability when doing our post-test in 2017. The App ran fluently on all new devices. Here, the iOS App and Android apk still have a little advantage. That’s due to the fact that the 50 MB, which are stored on the smartphone, reduce the data that have to be reloaded from the internet time and again. Obviously, this has an impact on the App’s speed. And if you’re not playing while being logged into your WIFI, this can also save you some data usage – which again could save you some money, depending on your mobile tariff.

Less spectacular but well-organized is the tables’ presentation in the App. Just like we did with other iPoker Apps we have to criticize the Betfair App’s bet slider. Even though you can choose between two variants to us none of them is really persuasive.

Multitabling and Fast Fold – a fast-paced combination

What’s especially important when evaluating whether a poker App is good or not is the number of hands you can play per hour when being on the go. Due to the screen’s size it’s common to play at several tables simultaneously when playing on a PC or Mac in order to shorten the breaks. When using your mobile device, the space on the small screen is limited. Anyway, there are basically two possibilities that can prevent the occurrence of boredom. One of them is Fast Fold Poker, the other one is multitabling – playing at several tables simultaneously.

The good news is: The App offers Fast fold AND multitabling – which is an absolutely rapid combination. In order to open several tables at the same time you have to click on the little “+” that you can find at the table view at the upper edge of the screen. There, you can open another table. Just repeat this is as often as many tables you want to open. For each table there is a symbol in the bar that informs you about the current status at the table (timer, hand cards) and that allows you to switch between the tables manually. However, it is more comfortable to switch automatically. You can make this setting in the options (see next chapter).

Since you can also play at several Speed-Cash tables simultaneously, boredom shouldn’t have a chance with any poker player. The only disadvantage: It might take some time to reach the desired number of tables. Due to the fact that the tables at which an action is required always pop up in the foreground automatically, you shouldn’t wait too long to open the next tables. Especially when playing Fast Fold it can be annoying to open the third or maybe even fourth table.

Setting and configuration: The Betfair Poker App’s functions

Just as ideal as the games’ speed are also the manifold options of the App. The menu (which you can open by clicking on the icon in the top left corner) is rather confusing. However, you do have plenty of possibilities to customize the poker App just the way you like it. From the four-colour deck to the different bet sliders or the automatic or pot-dependent activation of the time limit – you can make several selections when it comes to the App’s functions. On older devices you can turn off animations. Also, you can choose from four different languages and configure the automatic recharge of your chip stack when playing ring games. The functions that are most important for the game’s operation are accessible through the table menu (see screenshot below).

Betfair Poker iOSIn the table menu you can switch the way the app behaves when playing at multiple tables. We recommend switching to the active table automatically.

Playing on your desktop: Betfair Poker for PC and Mac

No matter how great the App’s variety, you only have access to iPoker’s whole range when using the download software, which is based on Flash. If you don’t approve of that (or your system doesn’t support Flash anymore) you can also use the mobile client in your Mac’s or PC’s browser. Hence, Betfair Poker can be played on all modern operating systems. Especially when taking into account that the Betfair software is an iPoker client it comes along very modern with its tile-look, which reminds a lot of Windows 8.

Betfair PokerThe looks of the Betfair Desktop Software are quite similar to Windows 8.

Next to the colourful looks, Betfair Poker also convinces with its huge variety of games. Already mentioned variants like 6* Hold’em and Speed Cash are also available in the desktop version. On top of that, the desktop client also offers Omaha, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud and Razz. And in contrast to the App it’s possible to play just for fun when using your desktop or laptop. Most poker variants are also available in the play money mode (see screenshot below, right arrow). Solely 6+ Hold’em is – also in the computer software – only available as a real money poker variant.

Betfair Poker LobbyAt a PC and Mac Betfair poker offers several Omaha Poker and Stud Poker variants (see left arrow).

We’ve had some great experiences with Betfair Poker for the PC ourselves and we can definitely recommend the software to you. The desktop client is an excellent supplement to the poker App – or the other way around, depending on your priorities.

The Betfair Poker Bonus

Those who decide to try a new poker room shouldn’t miss out on the often-profitable bonus offers. The bonus of up to 1000€ in combination with a set of tournament and twister tokens plus welcome missions is absolutely great – and hence a very important argument for the Betfair Poker App.

The Betfair bonus is equally attractive for both, beginners and high-rollers. New players get a bonus of 200% up to 1000€. Even if you don’t want to exhaust this bonus offer, you can still profit from the additional offers of the welcome package, which are mostly customized for newcomers. With a minimum deposit of 10€ you’ll get:

Click here to get more information on the welcome package. After you have checked out the offer just click on “Join Now”. You don’t need to enter a bonus code, since it is already integrated when you register through our link.

Terms and conditions check: The Betfair bonus conditions

As is customary with poker bonus offers, the Betfair Poker bonus is unlocked step-by-step. The more you play, the more of the initially passive first deposit bonus is credited to your account. The rate that Betfair calls for is customary and fair. With each euro rake the company makes through you during the game you get 25 points. When you’ve collected 1250 points, a 10€ bonus is credited to your account. For instance, if you deposit 100 Euros and get a bonus of 200 Euros, you need 25.000 points to unlock the entire bonus. Converted this is 1000 euros in rake. You have 45 days before the bonus, that hasn’t been unlocked until then, expires.

Our recommendation: Carefully consider you first deposit. If you play only sporadically on small levels, you’ll hardly be able to unlock the whole 1000€ poker bonus. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really do any harm to make a high deposit. Since the bonus in unlocked in small steps, you won’t lose anything, if you don’t meet the bonus conditions.

Eventually, the conditions of the bonus even have an advantage. Because due to the fact that you only get credited the bonus you’re actually entitled to, you can withdraw the available balance at all times. In that case, the pending bonus expires, but you easily have access to the money you once deposited. Hence, all in all the Betfair bonus conditions are totally fair and the bonus is recommendable.

Making a deposit

For your deposits and withdrawals Betfair Poker works together with a good selection of different payment service providers. This is especially important for the users of the mobile poker client, since the App only offers real money poker. In contrast to the desktop software, there are no play money tables in the App. Thus, if you want to try the Betfair App, you have to make a deposit. However, when using your credit card the minimum amount is only 6 Euros, which really isn’t too bad.

You can choose from the following payment methods:

When it comes to well-known payment service providers the only one that’s not available in all countries is Paypal. Though Betfair and Paypal do cooperate, this offer hasn’t been available in all countries yet. We’re assuming that this will change in the near future. In the UK, you’re good to go with Paypal.

This is what you have to consider when making a withdrawal

Basically, you can always easily withdraw your money by using the method you also used for making your deposit. However, already when making your deposit you should keep in mind that due to restrictions on the part of MasterCard it is often not possible to have money paid out on a MasterCard credit card.

It is most likely that when making your first withdrawal Betfair will ask you to verify your identity, before the amount is credited to your account. This is not Betfair’s attempt of scamming you and it’s not a rip-off. On the contrary, due to international regulations Betfair is obliged to do so in order to prevent money laundering.

Normally, all you need to do to verify your identity is to send a copy of your ID and one of your most recent bills (e.g. from your power supplier) via email. Thus, you should allow for your first withdrawal to take a few days longer.

Our recommendation: Demand the payment of a partial amount as soon as you’ve unlocked your bonus. This way you can deal with the formalities unhurriedly. If you then want to transfer your bankroll to another poker room completely or partially– e.g. in order to benefit from a bonus offer – the withdrawal will happen a lot faster.

Star-up support for beginners: New players profit from benefits at Betfair Poker

Since oftentimes we get asked by more inexperienced players which poker rooms we would suggest, we had a closer look at this aspect in our test. And we can absolutely recommend you to play poker at Betfair. Because, just like at all the other poker rooms from the iPoker network, also at Betfair there is a series of features that protect poker newcomers from dreaded sharks.

For example at Betfair you have the possibility to play at special tables for beginners in the first three months. Thereby, professional players are prevented from permanently playing against weaker players, who still need to learn how to play poker. But keep in mind: For the reservation at a beginner table it only counts how long a player has been registered at Betfair Poker. Thus, you might have tough luck and end up with an experienced player who used to player poker successfully at other poker rooms for many years. Nevertheless, beginner tables are a good invention.

Our Betfair Poker review result

There are a number of good reasons to give Betfair a chance. The poker App offers many important features like multitabling, Fast Fold and a four-colour deck. On top of that there are innovative gaming modes like 6+ Hold’em and Twister. The desktop client is one of the most attractive ones within the iPoker network. And also the generous bonus of up to 1000€ is impressive. Hence, this is our test result: you really need to give Betfair Poker a shot!

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