Full Tilt Poker Review


Site Name: Full Tilt Poker
Network: Full Tilt Poker
Bonus: $600
US Players Accepted: No


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Since November 2013 the native Full Tilt Poker App for Android and iOS is available in Germany, Canada and Ireland. Other countries have followed. Also available is an app for Android. The app has been updated with new features several times. In December 2014, Full Tilt was awarded the Best Poker App of the Year by an IGA-Jury. Reason enough for us to update our review and take another close look at the Full Tilt Poker App.

How to download Full Tilt Android and iOS App

Both Apps, Full Tilt for Android and Full Tilt for iPhone and iPad, are available. However, the quickest way to get them differs a little bit. If you’re reading this on an Android phone or tablet, use the following links to get the App. .eu Website (Sweden, Greece, Poland…) or com Website (rest of the world). If you’re on iPad or iPhone, you can download the App from iTunes. You find the link to the appstore here.

Screenshot of the new full tilt poker app for android and iOS

This is how the menu of the native Full Tilt Poker App looks on an iPhone

After logging into the account, the App shows four main options. The first screen is the lobby. Here you can choose your favourite game type and your preferred limit. On the cashier screen you get an overview about your available amount of real money, play money and Full Tilt Poker points. You can make a deposit from within the app as well. Meanwhile the App has also a withdrawal feature. You do not have to switch to the desktop client anymore. Under the account-tab you can change your personal settings, email-address and password. If you want to customize the table appearance and sound settings, choose between two or four colour deck and whether avatars are shown or not, go for the options-tab.

The selection of games within the App

So far the basic functionality of the App – let’s start playing! The amount of playable game types used to be very limited. Only Rush-NL-Hold’em and Rush-PL Omaha Hi were supported when the App started as “Full Tilt Rush Poker App”. Full Tilt announced that other variants would follow – and they definitely kept their promise. In 2014 and 2015 many other poker games were added. You can now play Sit & Go Tournaments and Ring Games (also as PL Omaha Hi). Early in 2014 Adrenaline Rush was added to the App – a fast fold variant bringing even more action to the game than rush poker does. Lately, Full Tilt added Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments. Just like PokerStars Spin & Gos, the Full Tilt Jackpot games combine Poker with Casino elements. Players can buy themselves into the game with a purchase starting from $1 up to $50. And before the quick 3-player-tournament starts, a slot spins and defines the price pool. In worst cases the winner gets twice his buy-in. But if you are lucky you can win much more. Price pools up to 2000-times your buy-in are possible.

Gameplay and controls

We tested the iOS app with an iPad, iPhone6, iPhone5 and even an old iPhone4. The app runs fast, even on iPhone4. Table changes are very smooth. There were no technical problems or crashes during the test. Full Tilt Android works just as good: The App runs very well, no matter if we took our up-to-date Android Smartphone or an older Samsung galaxy phone. A Screenshot of the new Full Tilt Rush Poker AppThe betslider on the left side of the screen gives you an easy option to place your custom bet quickly. On the right-hand side you find more betting shortcuts, for a mininmum bet or all-in, a full pot size or half pot size bet. At the bottom of the screen you find the basic commands like fold, check, call or raise – depending on the situation of the game. The handling of the App is simple and easy and allows a fast play. The betting options are easy to handle. A disadvantage of the Full Tilt app is the missing of notes. You can’t mark special players with a note or a special colour. We also missed a multi-tabling option. With the Full Tilt Poker Android and iOS App you can only play one table at once. Still, the fast fold option in rush poker lets you play lots of hands per hour.


The App has a very good handling and has nothing to criticize on the technical side. The big disadvantage was the low amount of offered game types. But with the updates in 2014, Full Tilt Texas Holdem Poker is now a complete Poker App and will belong to the best poker apps you can play in 2015. This is why we habe updated our rating of the app.

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