Iron Poker Review


Site Name: Iron Poker
Network: iPoker
Bonus: €1500 +20xtra
US Players Accepted: No


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UPDATE MAY 2017: Iron Poker shut down

The brand Iron Poker is no longer active. The poker room was shut down in May 2017. The traffic is redirected to Titan Bet. We strongly advise you not to open an account there. Instead, please check out the recommended pokerrooms below.

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OUTDATED: Iron Poker Review: Features, Download, Bonus Offers

For years, Titan Poker has been one of the most popular poker rooms in the iPoker network. In summer 2015, a sister brand was launched that is available in many countries around the world including Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The name of the new poker room ist Iron Poker. No matter if you’re using Iron Poker or Titan Poker, the looks and the software are identical. Also – since both poker rooms are part of the iPoker network, which just now opened its tables for all players again – when using Iron Poker, you’re playing against the same opponents as at Titan Poker. What’s most important though is, that since October 2015, there is finally a real money poker app for both poker rooms. We made a detailed test of the Iron Poker App and tell you in our review which devices you can use it on, which games you have access to and how to get the best Iron poker bonus for new customers. For Iron Poker we can offer you an exklusive Bonuscode: With POKERAPPS you get $20 Extra Cash on top of the normal bonus. So See our bonus section for more details. All other information applies to Titan Poker as well as Iron Poker.

Get the App here

Quick-Navigation: Our Iron Poker review at a glance

Download and registration: Get the Iron Poker App here

Concerning the software, Iron Poker went for a web-based html5-App. That means that there is neither a Iron Poker apk for Android nor a Iron Poker iPhone App in the Appstore. Everything you need to do is to visit Iron Poker’s website with your smartphone or tablet and to click “Play now”.

Since the App just got out in October 2015, it’s brand new – so new, that Iron Poker’s team hadn’t been done optimizing the poker room’s welcome page for mobile usage when we did our test. This is why at first it looks like there is no Iron Poker App – there is no sign of an App on the website. Nevertheless, it does exist. When hitting the “Play now” button while visiting the website with your smartphone or tablet, you’ll get forwarded to the mobile registration site. There you can open up a new account, which comes with a 200% first deposit bonus up to €1500. Let’s say you deposit 50 Euros, then you’ll get a bonus of 100 Euros. Or you deposit €750 to get the maximum 1500 Euros as a bonus. Only at Iron Poker you get $25 Extra Cash on top with bonuscode POKERAPPS. See below for more details.

iron poker sign upAfter hitting the Play Now button on the Iron Poker homepage with your mobile phone, you will be redirected to the mobile sign-up and login-page.

Register now and get a 200% bonus

Registration is fairly easy and fast. Simply type in all necessary information, send them off, and you’re done. Afterwards, all you need to do is to select one deposit technique and, e.g. when choosing credit card, to provide your credit card information. Then you’ll be able to deposit some money and you’re good to go. Please be aware that Iron Poker grants you a bonus of 200% up to 1500 Euros or $2000 on your first deposit. The pending bonus will be credited to your account automatically without using any bonus code and you can then activate it little by little. Exclusive to our readers they offer a $25 Extra-Cash with Bonuscode POKERAPS. See below for more information on the Iron Poker bonus and for our terms and conditions check.

Is Iron Poker legit? Here’s what we’ve experienced

No matter if you want to play at the new brand Iron Poker, you probably want to know if the poker room is reliable or if it was ever involved in any fraud or scam. Concerning this, judging from our tests we can give you an all-clear. From what we’ve experienced so far, Iron Poker is a trustworthy poker room. In Europe, Titan Poker has been one of the most popular poker rooms from the iPoker network for years. Even though Titan Poker runs under a licence from Antigua and Barbuda, many players gained good experience with the poker room. Since Iron Poker is Titan Poker’s successor in Germany and Canada, also for Iron Poker users there should be no need to worry.

The reason for Iron Poker’s decision to withdraw its brand from the German and Canadian market and to launch a new brand instead, was probably due to the very complex and unclear legal situation in both countries. Nevertheless, Iron Poker operates under a European licences, which is definitely an advantage when it comes to the player’s protection and which therefore is a plus when it comes to reliability.

Testing the Iron Poker App for Android and iOS

Now that you know about the poker room’s reliability and where to download Iron Poker, let’s finally have a look at the eagerly awaited App itself. Iron Poker is part of the iPoker network and therefore also uses iPoker’s mobile software. During the last few months, the iPoker App was improved noticeably. The version Iron Poker launched in autumn 2015 is well-engineered and it offers a big range of functions. Let’s now have a look at the details, starting with the tables:

Iron Poker App - Iron PokerThis is how the fast fold poker variant Speed Hold’em looks on the iPhone

These are Iron Poker’s poker variations

In the App, Iron Poker mainly concentrates on the popular No Limit Hold’em, but in different variations. You can chose between normal cash games, speed tables and Twister. In 2016, the missing Sit & Go tables and tournaments were added. For details, see below under updates.

Iron Poker Lobby

You might know Twister from PokerStars, where this variation is called Spin & Go. These mini sit and gos with only three players are perfect if you’re seeking a quick thrill from time to time. Before playing your first hand, a fortune wheel decides which prize you’ll play for. With only one Euro you can thereby win up to 1000 Euros within minutes.

Cash tables and speed tables have additional menus as well, which allow you to make a selection concerning the tables in advance. However, except for the currency, number of opponents (2-9) and blinds you cannot really do a lot. There’s only Texas Hold’em, which is only available in one variant, namely No Limit. Nevertheless, the possibility to set the types of games in the menu might hopefully be a sign, that Iron Poker will improve its range and add e.g. Omaha, Fixed Limit or Pot Limit. There are two buttons on the right hand side that allow you to either look for a suiting table by yourself or to let the assistant place you at a table automatically.

Latest updates – these features were added to the app

As a member of the strong iPoker network, Iron Poker is able to keep its software up to date. The mobile poker app is updated frequently. And as all the program code is html5, there’s no need to trigger the update manually. The Iron Poker App automatically comes with all the latest features when you launch it via your mobile phone’s browser. See below for a list of the features, that were not yet in the box when we this review was written.

Multi table tournaments and Sit & Go

When we reviewed the first version of the mobile Iron Poker App for Android, iPhone and iPad, the missing tournaments and Sit & Go tables were one of the things we had to critizise. Meanwhile this has been fixed. In 2017, Iron Poker offers mobile tournaments as well as mobile Sit & Go tables. This big improvement has also led to an improved ranking in our review in 2017.

6 Plus Hold’em

Iron Poker was one of the first poker rooms to offer the new game 6 Plus Hold’em. Since Spring 2016 the poker variant is available in the Iron Poker app. This variant of Texas Hold’em is played without the cards 5, 4, 3 and 2. This leads to a more thrilling game, as you can play a wider range of starting hands. However, you should be aware of the different rules. Accoring to the changed odds for several hands, the rules have changed as well. In 6 Plus Hold’em, a Straight is worth less than three of a kind. And a Flush beats a Full House.

iron poker 6 plus holdem6 Plus Hold’em tables have been added to the lobby of the Iron Poker App. Attention: The rules differ from normal Texas Hold’em.

Features we are still missing

Although the Iron Poker App is great and has improved strongly, there are still some features that are missing in the current version of the mobile poker client. Games like Omaha PL, Omaha HL PL, Hold’em Limit and Hold’em PL are missing in the App and are only available in the desktop client (see next chapter). Other poker variants like 7 Card Stud or HORSE would be nice to have as well.

Iron Poker and Iron Poker Desktop Client: A larger choice on PC and Mac

A quick view at the Iron Poker and Iron Poker Desktop Software for PC and Mac shows clearly how much room for improvement is left. On a PC and Mac you can choose from the complete range of iPoker tables. Among them are lots of Omaha PL, Omaha HL PL, Hold’em Limit and Hold’em PL tables. And, of course, the desktop lobby does also allow you to play tournaments and regular sit ‘n’ gos.



Iron Poker Desktop LobbyThe Iron Poker desktop lobby looks exactly the same as the one in Titan Poker’s software.

These are the App’s features

When it comes to the App’s options, there’s more to choose from. In the menu, which is located in the upper left corner, you can make a whole lot of changes in order to customise the App to your expectations. Next to links that lead you to the cashier, information about the VIP program as well as club-points and bonus offers, the support area and your poker hand history, you also find the field options. This is where you can e.g. select the four-colour deck (see screenshot below), activate the mode for lefties or choose between two different ways to place your ante. You can also set an automatic recharge of your chip stack. All in all, the range of comfort options Iron Poker offers is excellent. We’ll attend to two of the most important features, multi-tabling and fast fold, in the next chapter.

4 color deck bei Iron PokerIron Poker offers a four colour deck also when playing mobile poker

Gaming fluency and number of players: Mutli-tabling + fast fold = top!

Especially when playing poker on your smartphone, it’s unbearable if the game wears on. This is due to the fact that in contrast to playing on your Mac or PC, which makes it possible for you to open different tables at the same time and to compensate the boredom, when playing on a small screen on Android phones or iPhones you have limited possibilities to do so. Iron Poker offers two solutions to escape the boredom:

Iron Poker MultitablingThe Iron Poker App allows you to do multi-tabling: In the upper-middle area you can switch between the tables.

Since Iron Poker is part of the strong iPoker network, it has a lot to offer when it comes to the number of players. Now that the network decided to combine the player pools from all member rooms into one room, as it once used to be, also players from smaller rooms have access to all the network’s tables again. This means: Players from Canada can join a Titan Poker table with their Iron Poker client. And international players at Titan Poker can also join the Iron Poker tables.

This is how Iron Poker runs on Android, iPhone and iPad

Let us give you one tip in advance: We recommend that you place the App on your home screen, because this brings two advantages: First of all you can then start the App with one fingertip from your home screen as you’d do it with a native App for iPhone and iPad, or with an apk for Android. Secondly, you can then play poker on the whole screen of your phone. Even though the Iron Poker App actually runs directly within your phone’s mobile browser, Chrome’s and Safari’s navigation elements are not visible. This way you not only have more space on your screen, but you also avoid accidentally hitting a wrong button or swiping backwards, when you’re playing a hand.

While testing the App, it sometimes happened that it didn’t react to any commands. In some cases all we could do was to close the App manually and restart it through the home screen. However, this error only occurred while being in the lobby, which makes it less severe. When playing at the tables, we never had any problem with the App and there were no crashes, neither on Android, nor iPhone or iPad. There is one feature though, that we found kind of annoying: the mobile Iron Poker App offers a chat. On the edge of the screen, there is a little symbol, which you can remove via drag and drop. However, the overlay notification that tells you about this function right from the beginning is somehow a little obtrusive. Also, the chat icon pops up again from time to time, even though you’ve removed it. While the thought behind offering a chat to mobile players was well meant, the realization displays some problems.

Iron Poker ChatThough offering a chat is a nice feature, the oversized notification that tells you how to remove the chat is annoying.

Opponent’s level: The network is more and more becoming a place for recreational players

In general, there has been a trend in the poker industry for some time now that makes poker playing more attractive to hobby players in particular. Also iPoker and Iron Poker are following this path. The reason why they’re doing this is easy to find: Now that the poker boom is fading away, less and less people play online poker. To the poker rooms however, it’s important that new players come to their tables. This is why many of them stopped advertising professional players (by providing growing rakeback offers) and why they are now trying to establish online poker as a leisure activity for everyone. However, playing online poker is only fun to those normal non-professional players, if they don’t get fooled by professionals who sometimes even use HUD softwares to exploit them. In order to protect the weaker players, more and more poker rooms prohibit the usage of external softwares and make online poker as anonymous as possible. Amongst others, iPoker announced that they want to convert their network into a “recreational network”. Obviously this also applies to Iron Poker.
This is good news for everyone who wants to play mobile poker on a smartphone or tablet. Because only if those people who play at their desktops no longer have the advantage of being able to use special tools that help them analysing their opponents, there are equal opportunities for users of online poker and mobile poker.

Titan Poker has always had the reputation of attracting lots of newcomers. This is why the poker room is suiting for those of you who have just started to play, but also for those who are intermediate players who know what they’re doing, but don’t want to compete with the rather strong competitors at PokerStars and FullTilt.

The Iron Poker Bonus: new players get 200% of up to $2000/€1500

Those of you who aren’t yet convinced by what we’ve experienced when testing Iron Poker might change their minds when they hear about Iron Poker’s generous bonus offer. All new players who register by using our Iron Poker link and make a deposit get a 200% bonus of up to 1500 Euros or $2000 – and on top of that, all readers of get $25 Extra-Cash for their first deposit with bonuscode POKERAPPS.

Iron Poker Bonus 25$ extra

The Extra-Cash is added to your player account instantly. You can play with it an withdraw your winnings at any time. In order to be able to withdraw the $25 Extra-Cash, you have to earn 500 Iron Poker points. The other bonus is unlocked little by little. The more you play, the more is credited to your account. For every 400 status points you receive a 5 Euro bonus on your credit balance. You have two months to unlock the bonus. In the menu you can check your current balance.

Register now and receive a 200% bonus + $25 Extra-Cash

Iron Poker BonusThis is what happens when you deposit 20 Euros: You receive a 40 Euro bonus, which you can then unlock with 3200 status points.

Freerolls, Iron Poker VIP Club und Rakeback

Next to the fantastic 200% bonus of up to $2000, Iron Poker also offers other great benefits to its players. All new players get the chance to win their share of $20000 in special free rolls. On top, during the play you also collect points, which not only unlock your bonus, but also secures you rakeback and a VIP status. For every dollar in rake or tournament fees you receive 20 points. As soon as you’ve achieved 250 points you move up from bronze to copper in your VIP status and henceforth get more points. The six-staged VIP system offers further bonuses, like daily free rolls or a special VIP shop. You can trade your VIP club points for cash or tournament tokens. If you e.g. collect 80000 points you get an $800 cash bonus. This correlates with a rakeback of 20 per cent. Even higher rakeback rates are possible.

Iron Poker bonus conditions – our terms and conditions check

Since Iron Poker offers a pending bonus, there is no real danger when accepting it. Because in contrast to some casino offers, the received bonus doesn’t stop you from being able to withdraw the money that you’ve deposited. Obviously, the bonus then expires though. And you can only withdraw bonus money, if you’ve reached the required amount of points. This is a regulation that is supposed to prevent violations. All in all, Iron Poker’s bonus conditions are fair and straightforward. The 400 points that you need in order to get the 5 Euro bonus are customary.

Our conclusion: The App was worth waiting for: Iron Poker convinced in the test

It was a long way, but finally Iron Poker’s mobile App was released – and it didn’t disappoint us. With the wide-ranging comfort functions, Multi-tabling, Twister and Speed Hold’em, Iron Poker offers a good selection of games in its first version. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement: there are no tournaments and sit ‘n’ gos, the App crashes from time to time while being in the lobby, and a mobile website is missing. Still, the generous bonus offer definitely compensates the smaller inconveniences. All in all the Iron Poker App made a solid first impression and convinced us during the test.

Iron Poker App
  • 9/10
    Verfügbarkeit - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Spielauswahl - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Qualität der App - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Action - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Poker Bonus - 9/10

Iron Poker Review

Die Iron Poker App für Android und iPhone ist eine rundum gelungene Echtgeld Poker App. Obwohl erst seit Kurzem am Markt, hat sich Iron Poker bereits den Ruf erarbeitet, einer der besten Pokerräume im iPoker Netzwerk zu sein. Wir können Euch zusätzlich zum 1500€ Bonus nochmals 20€ Extra-Bonus bieten, der sofort gutgeschrieben wird. Daher unbedingt jetzt zugreifen.

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