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Site Name: Unibet Poker App
Network: Unibet
Bonus: €200
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US Players Accepted: No


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The british bookmaker Unibet hasn’t been the top address for Poker for a long time – especially the mobile branch of Unibet enjoyed a rather brittle image. Though there was a poker client available for Android, but it wasn’t really fun to play. And with Unibet leaving the Microgaming network, the old Android App no longer worked. In 2014 however, Unibet made a huge step and launched the new Poker App for iPad. It is presented very attractivley and has a lot to offer – especially to recreational players and newbies. Meanwhile, the app is available for Android tablets, too (Update May 2015). We tested the App for our big Unibet Poker App review. Find all the pros and cons below. But first let’ begin sart with a quick start guide for those who do not want to read all that stuff we’ve put together:

In case you do own an iPhone or iPod, we’ve got bad news for you: The iOS App is only available for iPad and iPad Mini so far. If your device is an Android-smartphone: too bad, you’ll have to be patient, too. Even Unibets old microgaming Android App doesn’t work anymore, because they quit the network and launched its own. You will see a login error, should you try to log in into the App. Our advice: Take a closer look at some of the other poker apps around. We’re sure that our top-list has something for you, too:

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But now it’s time to take a look at the App for iPad and Android tablets: What does Unibet do differently than other providers? Especially: What does the app do better? First, there is the look: Unibet offers you a big number of stylish avatars and some really nice-looking poker table backgrounds. You can be a vamp or an astronaut. And you can play poker in a saloon, at a club or at a general’s strategic table. You might already have noticed: Unibet’s poker app is not only about the poker game itself, it’s also about the pleasure that comes with it, it’s about having fun while playing. If you’re an advanced player, there might be poker apps that meet your needs better than the Unibet App does – it’s a rather casual game.

Unibet protects casual poker players from sharks

Need some prove? Although you can play Fast Fold Poker, there’s no multitabling for instance. You can complete missions and achievements to collect virtual fame and some nice rewards. Unibet’s poker app tries to be a bit of a social game. And, maybe the most important fact: It protects weak players from sharks. There are several functions that make it very hard for advanced players to hunt newbies and fish players. For example, each player can create several poker profiles and switch between them. Weak players simply create a new profile when they had a bad day and no one will recognise them later. Another point is the Quickseat-Lobby: Players are seated automatically. So sharks cannot start their hunt for weak players in the lobby. And what might be most important: It’s not allowed to make digital notes during the game. Poker tracking softwares und HUDs are blocked. So, if you’re a casual player, you can relax and have fun playing poker – without having to fear that there is some experienced opponent thinking “yummy, yummy”.

Interface Screenshot - Unibet Poker App for iPad

The interface of the Unibet Poker App does look good and works properly.

Taking a look at the interface, there’s nothing to worry about. Everything seems to be at the right place. There are three Buttons down right where you can check, fold, call or raise. The chatwindow down left can be made larger with a finger tip. And in the upper left corner there are more options to take care of. Here, the important 4-colors-deck can be activated. And you can switch off sound or animations if you want to. However, from the performance’s point of view there is no need to do so. The app runs smooth, there’s absolutely no lag when tapping on the buttons. Just the way you would expect it from a native App.

Why you better not minimize the App

Still there are two things we need to criticize. The first one: You have to wait for the big blind in order to get started. This might be useful in most cases. But there are some situations where you do NOT want to wait two minutes before you can start playing – especially when you’re on the go and have only a few minutes of time to play. The second one: You better not use the multitasking ability of your iPad when playing poker with the App. As soon as you push the App to the background for a while, you will be forced to log in again when coming back. In our test it was enough to activate the built-in lower menu of the iPad – to set a timer, for example – and we found ourselves back in the lobby with a login prompt. The App recognizes an active game and brings you back to the table. But in one case the login and reload took too long and our hand was folded automatically. And then, after sitting in, we had to wait for the big blind (see above). A pretty frustrating experience we want to save you from.

Unibet Poker App for iPad - Unibet Open Slot

The free and buld in “Unibet Open Slot”-machine lets you win tournament tickets.

Let’s take a look at the promotions now. If you register as a new player and make your first deposit, Unibet will double your money with a 100% bonus of up to €500. In addition, there are achievements and other promos, making it even more attractive to play poker at Unibet. There is the “Unibet Open Slot” for instance – a free built-in slot machine that makes it possible for you to win tickets for freerolls and tournaments. You can spin it up to three times a day – depending on the amount of poker you play. You will be credited one free spin for every 25 flops you see.

The conclusion

Our overall assessment of the app for iPad and Android tablet is a pretty positive one. The new App is significantly better than the old Android App and comes very close to the desktop client. If you are a casual player, we definitely recommend the Unibet poker app to you. You might also want to take a closer look at the 888 poker app. If you’re an advanced player, the PokerStars App might suit you better.

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